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Whether it’s the BIKE or the HIIT, please come 15 min early so we can walk you through the setup and show you around. Towels and all the amenities you need for after your workout are there for you.

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You know the drill by now as this is not your first rodeo. You can buy a single class or buy a package with up to 20 classes with a validity of a year, whut whuuuutt.

- Intro pack: €18 (€9 per Rite)

- 1 Rite: €14
- 5 Rites: €65 (€13 per Rite)
- 10 Rites: €120 (€12 per Rite)
- 20 Rites: €220 (€11 per Rite)
- 50 Rites: €450 (€9 per Rite)

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